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Carpe diem!

This snappy aphorism reminds us to seize the day – throw the curtains wide on a dark winter morning (or a sunny summer one), embark on a difficult conversation, rise to a new challenge or set out on a new adventure. It also provides a handy mnemonic for participants in civil and commercial mediations. To get the best out of the process, it pay to be:

Constructive – no unnecessary point-scoring

Attentive – fully engaged with minimal outside distractions

Receptive – actively listening, open-minded

Persuasive – calmly getting points across, simply and concisely

Energetic – maintaining momentum, always moving forward

Discerning – recognising strengths and weaknesses, focussing on key issues

Imaginative – prepared to think laterally and find creative solutions

Efficient – making good use of time, prepared to make the first move

Match-winning – remembering that a negotiated settlement really can be a win-win!

Further information

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Further information on my background and experience can be found here.

If you would like to discuss how I may assist by mediating a civil or commercial dispute, please email or call.


This article is for general guidance only, it must not be relied on as legal or other professional advice. Anyone engaged in a civil dispute should obtain their own legal and other advice specific to their circumstances and the applicable law at the relevant time.

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